Hoping to arrange a baptism or christening?

Baptism is the church's term for the ceremony which many people call 'christening'. It's a sign (and more than a sign) of entering into church membership and commitment to life as a Christian. It's a big step, and one which we can only take once in our lives. You can find out more at the Church of England's Christenings homepage, which has lots of information and advice. If you're interested, please come and join us at worship or come to church for the 'office session' at 6.30 pm on Friday evening.    If that time isn't possible for you, please do contact us to make other arrangements.

For young children, we normally baptise at a special service on the first Sunday of each month, usually at 4.30pm. To keep the service personal, we don't baptise more than three families' children at once, so at some times of year there's a few months' wait! We'll ask you to come to a preparation evening before the service, and to the 10.15 service on the week after the baptism for a proper welcome into the church.

For older children and adults, baptism is a big step, which should often be linked to preparation for confirmation; please get in touch and arrange to meet with one of our ministers to discuss how we can help.

How can we help?
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