Planning a wedding?

Michelle and Paul Tolley with Rev'd Nick. Photo used by kind permission of Andy Marlow - and and foremost, congratulations! If we're able to help you in celebrating the start of your marriage, we'd be delighted to do all we can. St Thomas' Church is a great venue for a Christian wedding, and more importantly we hope to help you through our worship and through your preparation for marriage to make the most of this great milestone in your relationship. As part of giving you the best help that we can, we will invite you to take part in a preparation day as well as meeting with a priest to plan the wedding.

To find out more about marriage at St Thomas', click here to read the booklet from our 2016 Wedding Faye!

Legally, we can only marry people where at least one partner either lives in the parish of the Wednesfield Team Ministry, has done so in the past or has some significant family link with the parish or church. This can be a past involvement or current membership. If one of you has been married before or is a non-EU national, we will need to meet with you at an early stage to establish whether or not we are able to offer marriage here. If you are hoping to marry here and would like to know whether or not  you can qualify, please do contact us.

Wherever possible, we ask you to come to Church for the 'office session' at 6.30pm on Fridays , to discuss dates and sort out the initial paperwork. Please don't book a reception before you've seen us - we can usually arrange marriages on most days except Christian festivals, but timings may need to fit with other events in church. If Friday evening isn't possible for you, please do contact us to make other arrangements.

We strongly recommend that you look at the Church of England's wedding website - you'll find a lot of good practical ideas and advice there, as well as all the legal and official bits.

Photo - Michelle and Paul Tolley with Rev'd Nick. Photo used by kind permission of Andy Marlow - and

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