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Weddings and Coronavirus

From the Church of England's guidance page - check for any updates at, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are due to get married in the coming months, we recognise that this may be a time of great concern. If you already have a wedding booked and would like to talk about what might be possible and when, please do contact us.

At the moment, the regulations say that 'Weddings can go ahead, but only with 6 people in attendance.' It's also recommended that weddings should only take place in exceptional circumstances, mainly because of medical emergencies. 

If you would like to discuss marriage, please do get in touch - and if you've been married during the pandemic and would like in future to arrange a blessing and celebration service when this becomes possible, we'll be delighted to help!

You might also find some helpful advice and resources at the Church of England's weddings website - do have a look!

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